Community Updates - December 31st, 2018

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Set your sights 3 ways today.

Look to the past for all you have accomplished this last year.

Look to the present to be thankful for all you currently have.

Look to the future for all you wish to accomplish.

Now respect the past but don't dwell.

Be present and focused on the task at hand.

Plan how to get to your accomplishments in measurable incremental increases.

Make 2019 an amazing year of powerful CHOICE.

I Love you all. Happy New Year.


Looking for the podcast? Check out the latest Hyperformance Podcast, FEAR, here.


**Attention** The January Small Group Fundamentals class only has about 4 more spots. We love seeing your friends at Friend Fest, but if they are interested in getting started in January, make sure they call us before Saturday to set up an free Intro Appointment and reserve a spot in the fundamentals class.


Happy New Year everyone -

Happy Training to all, And to all a Healthy Productive year!

Monday- We do a partner chipper with running, wall balls, sit ups, db snatch, and muscle ups.

Tuesday- we are doing a leap frog style workout with rowing thrusters and pull-ups

Wednesday- we will do some heavy power cleans, HSPU, and TTB in a not for time WOD

Thursday- our whole day will focus on going heavy. Heavy Back squat AND heavy bench press

Friday - We will snatch moderate weight and do double unders in an EMOM style

EDUCATION - from the HPA Training Blog


  • Elementary Kids Holiday Schedule - classes begin again Wednesday Jan 2nd.

  • Middle and High School Schedule - classes begin again on Jan 7th.


Get your team together! The New Year's Whole Life Challenge is coming to HPA on January 19th. Take advantage of early registration now through Jan 2nd (price increases from $39 to $49 on Jan 3rd). The challenge is encouraged for all HPA members, family, friends, and workplace teams! Join the HPA team now!

On Friday January 18th we'll host a KICK OFF event at 6pm. The event will include measurements, workout, and review of challenge levels, rules, and strategy.

HyperStrike 2.0

Is a specialty class available to all athletes and non-members. This program combines striking with self-defense in a really fun workout. The class is 60 minutes. Wanna check it out? First class is free!

Starting January 1st, HyperStrike Specialty Classes will be offered at the following times:

Friday 10:15 am*

Saturday 10:15 am

Athletes need to bring their own MMA gloves.


For those with only 30 minutes at lunchtime and want to make it count. Join for a fast-paced high-energy sweat sesh. Lot's of functional movement with kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells, but no barbell.

SWEAT:30 is available to current members as well as new members. No fundamentals is required. Cost is $150 for 10 classes or current athletes can use their monthly class membership.


Happy Birthday!

Ed L (12/26)

Bina (12/26)

John S (12/26)

Ben C (12/27)

Alicia B (12/31)

Chris C (1/1)

Evan S (1/3)


HPA has partnered with Latin Chicks to bring some healthy food and motivation to your favorite office or work team. Contact if you'd like to set up time for your office. Free up to 10 people.


Saturday January 3rd - First Saturday Friend Fest! 9am

Friday January 18th - 6pm Whole Life Challenge Kick-off


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

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