Community Updates - January 14, 2019

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Simple thought... We all fall.

On the ground, we have a choice. We can either stay there or get up. The challenge is to keep getting up day after day. Keep getting up after every time you fall. Pretty soon you will realize the falls don't matter nearly as much as the Rise after.


This Week's Hyperformance Podcast - Action steps for popular goals: here.


SH(R)ED 1000

This is a gym-wide challenge being issued by the coaching team to move the scale1000 pounds in the right direction. That may mean losing, gaining, or maintaining based on your goals. But most importantly, we're going to be accountable together and provide extra support for the next 3 months. The challenge will begin THIS Saturday in conjunction with the whole life challenge.

(You do not have to be doing the Whole Life Challenge to do SH(R)ED1000, but it's encouraged)

SH(R)ED 1000 - fill out this quick form:

Now onto the workout preview...

  • Monday we will OHS Heavy followed by 6 rounds of OHS light and CTB pull-ups.

  • Tuesday we will work on some positional cleans followed our interval work of power cleans and burpees.

  • Wednesday back by popular demand is the Not for time Bro-Sesh. We will work on bench press, db curls, arnold press, db bent rows, then pistols, psoas march, clam shells, and high box jumps.

  • Thursday we will practice agility, muscle-ups, and double unders then sprint through row cals and push press.

  • Friday we revisit an open workout 15 min AMRAP of TTB, Deadlifts, and snatch

  • Saturday we are going to do a long partner chipper. bring high socks or pants because we have rope climbs.

Please ask the coaches about the cash outs we have planned for this week. They are all trunk based. The quickest way to get stronger everything else is to get the trunk strong.


  • Kick off this Friday Night at 6pm at HPA (Briefing, measurements, workout)

  • Open to members and non-members.

  • $49 includes online platform, resources, and community support

  • Daily accountability for nutrition, movement, hydration, sleep, mobility, reflection, and lifestyle

Join the HPA team now!

EDUCATION - new from the HPA Training Blog


Welcome to FitFam Dan and Lindsay.

Happy Birthday!

Julie B (1/14)

Tyne S (1/14)

Andrew Flynn (1/14)

Ellie A (1/16)

Caleigh M (1/16)

Tiffani R (1/17)

Ann H (1/19)

Billy U (1/19)


Friday January 18th - 6pm Whole Life Challenge Kick-off

Saturday February 2nd - First Saturday Friends Fest 9am

Friday Feb 23nd - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #1

Friday March 1st - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #2

Friday March 8th - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #3

Friday March 15th - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #3

Friday March 8th - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #3


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

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