Community Updates - April 8th, 2019

Drew's Weekly Words of Wisdom

Jenni and I watched a pretty cool documentary last night. It was about the group of women who ROWED across the Pacific ocean. They rowed from San Francisco (Santa Barbara really) to Hawaii, then to Samoa, then to Australia. It took them over 200 days of rowing with so many challenges in each leg of the journey. Physically it was not "difficult". Mentally it took a toll on all the women (and families) that participated. They got out of the comfort zone big time. When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?

"One cannot discover new oceans unless they are willing to lose sight of the shore!" - French Nobel Laurate André Gide

This Week's Hyperformance Podcast - Meet our team - Alex L!

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It's a brand new week. We are going to test all this week. Every lift this week will be RAW, meaning not using any supportive equipment. The reason behind this is two fold. 1- we want to see where your base strength truly lies. can you squat more with a weight belt... YES, but how much? Where does your natural strength end? 2- What do we still need to work on to bullet proof your body? Supportive equipment are accessories. Kind of like supplements. You have to dial in your daily eating BEFORE supplements can really work for you. Same idea with training.

The metcons this week are all short so we can focus on the lifting. Expect 10 min for all of them this week. The workouts will still be on the whiteboard for the whole week so you can check them out.


Welcome to the fitfam Emily!

Happy Birthday!

Berto (4/9)

Amanda M (4/11)

Jonathan Y (4/14)

Did you know? We have a private Facebook page for members of HPA - a place to give positive shoutouts, ask for advice, organize a gathering, etc. It's called The Crossfit Social Club.

Also, if you're an IGer make sure to follow us at Hyperformance Athletics.

HPA NIGHT OUT At the Savannah Bananas Home Run Derby!

Hang out with fellow athletes on evening of Sunday, July 7th. HPA has 50 reserved tickets (we can get more if those sell out). Tickets must be paid in advance, cash only, and are $18 each. They include all you can eat AND fast passes through the lines. To claim one for you and any immediate family member, pay at the front desk. Tickets will be handed out the week of the game.


Monday May 27 - Memorial Day Murph!

June 15th - BEACH WOD! (Grown-ups and Kids at 9am at Tybee)

July 7th - HPA Night Out at the Savannah Bananas Home Run Derby


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

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