Motivation Hacks - Power Posing

Feeling unfocused and uninspired?? Check out a couple of surprisingly easy was to quickly turn that feeling around.

We all struggle with feeling motivated from time to time. For some of us it’s just a moment and for others it’s days, weeks. Motivation comes in waves for sure, but there are a lot of proven ways to rise the tide so the lows aren’t quite so low.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to give you some quick strategies increase motivation when you suddenly realize that you’re running low. Remember, while these strategies can work for quick fix in the moment, they are just that. The best way to feel motivated more often is to eat for energy, get moving, and rest with intention. So here we go!

Motivation Quick Fix #1 Strike a Pose

Expansive posture, also known as power positioning can dramatically alter our feelings of power, affect, and outlook. We all know the mind-body connection, but it works the other way too. Body language changes our internal chemistry - for either positive or negative effects. Putting your bodies into a posture that increase blood flow and mobilize oxygen can improve our mood almost instantly. Feeling powerful is a great start to feeling motivated.

There is evidence that our own body language can change how you think and feel about yourself. Check out Amy Cuddy’s famous Ted Talk for more details, but in the meantime here are some ways you can put power posing to work for you right away.

Spend two minutes in a power position.

When you notice that you’re slouching strike a higher power pose. Lean back, put up your legs, and if you have space, make a V with your arms. You can do these while you sit or stand.

Think others will think you are weird? Just go into the bathroom or conference room or elevator. In addition to striking a high power pose you can smile, widen your feet or stomp the floor, or just lean into a conversation you are having. Best yet, give someone an enthusiastic high five - it will motivate you both!

Thanks for reading, now go take action!

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