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Community Updates - May 6th, 2019

Athlete Storage update - over the coming weeks we are transitioning from storing items on the gym floor to storing them in the bathrooms to make room for more training space. PLEASE only bring what is truly needed (keys and a water bottle) into the gym. There will be more shelves and hooks to hang bags coming soon in both bathrooms. Make sure belongings are locked out of sight in your car. Thank you for help.

Drew's Weekly Words of Wisdom

Show me a man that has never experienced failure, and I will show you a man who has never tried anything difficult. I put my trust in people with scars of experience. In order to do great things you have to be willing to push out of your comfort zone and fail. Ask anyone in your field how many times they have failed. The answer will be the same... tons! You should never try to fail, but rather embrace it when it happens as an opportunity to get better by learning. Fail fast then fix the fail.

Hyperformance PodCast: all episodes are now available on our website under resources, podcast.

The New Baby Steps of Fitness - Listen

Becoming An Oak Tree Takes Nuts - Listen


Pain-Free Movement Clinic (members-only)

Miss working out hard because you're in pain? We want you to move pain-free. Join Tracy and Tana this Thursday May 9th at 7pm for a pain-free movement clinic. Includes a basic assessment, a workout, and further recommendations as to how you can workout pain free. The clinic is capped at the first 20 members to register. Sign up here.

But why are all the workouts gone?

If you're checking the webpage to see the next day's workouts, you won't find them there any more. This space is going to be used for better resources and education. The workouts will be posted in the private HPA Facebook group, The Crossfit Social Club. No, this isn't so that you can pick and choose the days to come based on what looks the hardest/easiest/shortest/longest, etc. But we know sometimes you like to be prepared and have the right gear handy (like long socks for this Thursday's rope climb).

correction - last week mentioned the workouts would be emailed out as well, because not all our members are on Facebook. This was incorrect, but for those of you not on facebook you can find all the workouts pre-loaded into zenplanner. Simply open your zenplanner app, log-in, and go to calendar. You may need to toggle between the SGF fundamentals workout and the all-levels class.

This Week

We are 1 week in to the workouts not being on the website. It is a little strange not posting them there. We are still in the experimental stage of this. The workouts ARE posted on Facebook (they get released Sunday at 2pm) and Zen Planner. We also write them on the whiteboard Monday for the whole week.

This week we are taking time to lift at a high percentage of our 3RM.

Workouts are as follows:

Monday- row, sit-up and thruster

Tuesday- interval based running and power cleans

Wednesday- lunge, snatch and double unders

Thursday- super fun push press and hip extension couplet

*Friday- Barbara (pull, push, sit and squat)

At 430pm Victor from victory grips will do a pulling clinic.

Saturday- run kbs and burpees.

Victory Grips - Mini Pulling Clinic

Victor from Victory Grips will be in house on Friday, May 10th from 4:30-5:45. He will be doing a mini pulling clinic to kick off the 4:30 class. What a great opportunity given that Memorial Day Murph is just around the corner. He will have product out for sale and will be available for questions until 5:45. Be sure to stop by and pick up some information from a true gymnastics ninja.


Welcome to the fitfam - Gadiel, Colleen, Louis, and Amanda!

Congrats on your 100th class Carissa!

Happy Birthday!

Jasmine (5/6)

Jeff S (5/9)

Ol Jeb (5/10)

Bring Your Mom To Workout Day!

Saturday May 11th, kids in 1st - 5th grade are welcome to Bring Your Mom to kids class at 10:15. Friends and moms are welcome. Share our FB event page.

Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day Murph is a gym-wide sweat fest to honor those who have given all for our freedom. All athletes are encouraged to participate on Monday May 27th. The workout is "Murph" which can be done either solo or in teams. Scaling options are presented, so every athlete can participate. We encourage athletes to attend classes on Saturdays leading up to Murph as this will prepare your body for the high volume work.

There will be two class options: 7:00 and 9:00 am. Come prepared to sweat (be well hydrated) and to encourage or HPA fam. Please Note - This Workout is for HPA members-only.

Let's Go Bananas!

HPA NIGHT OUT At the Savannah Bananas Home Run Derby!

Hang out with fellow athletes on evening of Sunday, July 7th. HPA has 50 reserved tickets (we can get more if those sell out). Tickets must be paid in advance, cash only, and are $18 each. They include all you can eat AND fast passes through the lines. To claim one for you and any immediate family member, pay at the front desk. Tickets will be handed out the week of the game.


Saturday May 4th - First Saturday Friend Fest

Saturday May 11th - Bring your mom to kids class! 10:15

Monday May 27 - Memorial Day Murph!

June 15th - BEACH WOD! (Grown-ups and Kids at 9am at Tybee)

July 7th - HPA Night Out at the Savannah Bananas Home Run Derby


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

Thank you to our official 2019 sponsors!