Community Updates - June 24th, 2019

Drew's Words of Wisdom:

Focus. How is your focus? What is focus? We've heard the word focus over and over again in our lives. One of the most famous scenes in Karate Kid is Mr. Myagi saying "Focus!" Can you take every distraction around you and block them out in order to do a specific task and a specific time. That is focus. Singularly focusing on one thing.

I was talking to Karla last week. Other than myself, she is the only person that I've met that doesn't hear the music when she's working out. The weird part is that I can sing along to every song, but if you ask me what was playing after the workout, I'll have no idea. Because for that 5 to 30 minutes I am locked into what I am doing. It's not intensity, it's focus. It's directed attention to the task at hand. So the next time you are in the gym, or heck, even driving somewhere, see if you can block out distraction and just focus on one thing. Be safe.

Hyperformance PodCast: all episodes are now available on our website under resources, podcast.

Meet Hunter - Listen

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#ShareTheSweat - Invitation Only

You might have's been a little busy in the gym recently.

...And Tracy and Tana have officialled filled all their available client slots for personal training in July (crazy, right???). Over the next few months there will be some cool new training packages coming available to both current and new athletes.

We know these are going to have a BIG impact on the gym. BUT in order to provide the highest quality coaching and member experience we're going to do something a little crazy.

Ready for it....

We're capping membership through 2019.

With our current resources, we can only take on a limited number of new members through the end of the year. We don't want them to anyone - we want them to be hand selected by YOU. Your friends and family who really WANT to change for the better. Who value a having a positive attitude, coaching feedback, and teamwork as much as we do.

Don't panic. We have plenty of room for your friends and family - we just want to give them priority first. So this July we are issuing a challenge to each and every member. Bring your "Top Two" to class. The top TWO people who know are would love being part of what we do and it would truly benefit them.

To make it more fun - we're giving away a ton of prizes! And because you all love a good healthy competition, we're putting some points to it and GRAND PRIZE of a $500 Rogue Gift Card. You'll have chances every week from July 1st to August 5th to earn points by bringing a Friend to Friday Class, referring a friend that does a complimentary consult, #hastag posts, and testimonials.

Fridays in July and the first Friday in August are Friend Fridays. But each person must have been invited by a current member. Next week we'll have invitations available. Look for an email later this week detailing all the specifics of the contest.

So start thinking about who you still wanna be sweating with when membership cap is reached. It's gonna be busy. It's gonna be super sweaty! That's how we like our summer!


Welcome to summer. For the next nearly 100 days expect super hot temperatures, high humidity, and the constant threat of afternoon thunderstorms. During this time of year we try to tailor our long outside WODs a bit so we don't subject you too much to extreme heat. We will run some however. Please stay hydrated throughout the day.

New addition to the board- Weekly accessory work. There is a box on the far right of the whiteboard with tasks to accomplish as extra work during the week. You can do one per day or you can do multiple. If you get through them, then repeat.

This week we keep focusing on the strength work with some higher reps.

The workouts this week are fun. Coaches have the option on Tuesday and Thursday to determine the number of rounds completed based off of class time.

  • Monday is a long Lunge.

  • Tuesday is some interval work with rowing, sit-ups and burpees

  • Wednesday is some snatches and rounds of mary (hspu, pistols, and more sit-ups)

  • Thursday is some station work.

  • Friday is work with a partner Run, KB Swings and Pull-ups

  • Saturday is a super fun bodyweight pyramid.

ProShop Item of the Month

BCAAs are back in stock! And are perfect for helping provide muscle recovery and stimulate growth. BONUS! In June they are also $5 off, so stock up.


Want to learn some fun, new skills when it comes to cardio based movements?

Need a little push when it comes to Endurance?

HPA's Endurance course will start on July 10th with a baseline, testing where you are now. After 6 weeks of technique work and utilizing these NEW skills involving the AAB, Ski erg, Row, Running, and double unders; we will retest your new favorite movements and compare apples to apples.

Participants will meet on Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays 10:15pm.

The cost for non-members is $225 and for members is $185 (use discount code in community updates email or ask at the front desk).


Youth Lifting Camp - July 22nd.

The next Youth Lifting Camp will be held July 22nd - July 24th. The deadline to register will be Thursday July 18th.

Let Hyperformance Athletics help bridge the gap for your kids from middle school to high school ports. Hit the ground running next year with a technique camp for lifting weights. This camp is designed to teach basic weight lifting techniques to rising 7, 8th, and 9th graders. In this camp we will cover lower body lifting techniques for the back squat, front squat, deadlift, lunge, and power cleans. We will cover upper body lifts to include: bench press, shoulder press, push press, and bent over row.

July 22 - 24th - 11:15. Cost is $75 and registration is open to any 7th, 8th, or 9th grader in

Savannah. Register here.

Fluffy Knuckles Meet - SAVE THE DATE!

More details coming soon!


Congrats on your THOUSANDTH Class Billy Ussery!!! Your dedication and willingness to attack your weaknesses head on is a part of your success every day.

Happy Birthday!

Abdullah A (6/25)

Kyle O (6/28)

Sandy W (6/28)

Let's Go Bananas!

We're hanging out at the Home Run Derby next Sunday July 7th! Didn't get tickets? email to be added to the waitlist. A few folks didn't pay by the deadline and more tickets are available.

MUSCLE TANKz - Preorder until this Saturday June 29th

We sold out of L, XL, and 2XL. But don't worry, there is another order to be placed. Make to reserve yours on the pre-order list at the front desk!


Fridays July 5th - Aug 2nd - Bring a friend to class. Friends must bring invite card.

July 4th - one class at 9am. Members only please.

July 6th - First Saturday Friend Fest

July 7th - HPA Night Out at the Savannah Bananas Home Run Derby

August 10th - Fluffy Knuckles Meet


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

Thank you to our official 2019 sponsors!

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