Share The Sweat 2019

#ShareTheSweat 2019 Contest

#ShareTheSweat with friends and earn points towards weekly prizes. One grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card to Rogue.

Each week we’ll be giving away prizes to the top 3 point earners as well as benchmark prizes (i.e. at 5 points, 25 points, and 50 points).

4 ways to earn points:

  • Instant Referral - we’ll do the inviting for you. This is a good option for a friend or family member that is curious but maybe not ready yet. You give us their name, phone, and email and we’ll reach out to answer their questions, see what their needs are, and suggest the best next step. Please make sure they are okay with us contacting them. Earn one point for each person we speak to.

  • Bring a Friend to Friday class or First Saturday Friend Fest- The next 5 Friday classes are invite only (not general open to the public) and we have invitations for you at the gym to give to your friends. Earn 5 points for each friend that attends. Friends can absolutely come to more than 1 Friday, but only the first visit will count for points. If they’ve been to First Saturday Friend Fest in the past, but have never been a member, they still count.

  • Connect your friend to a coach - If someone you refer attends a complimentary coaching consultation you’ll earn 5 more points. Your friend can attend both a class and a coaching appointment for a total of 10 points. For some guests, it may be wiser to suggest connecting them with a coach BEFORE coming to a class. In fact, this is our preferred method of introducing all potential new athletes to what we do.

  • #ShareTheSweat social media post - earn 3 points per week by creating a social media post on either your public instagram or public facebook page. (The social club doesn’t count). Each Monday we will release a posting cue or question. Your post should be your response to that question and include the hashtags #sharethesweat and #morethanagym. The cues will be announced in class, as well as, in the community updates.

  • Give a testimonial with pictures- Earn 10 points for providing one testimonial either written, video, or video interview (sometimes the interview is a little more natural). We’ll provide a guide to help you in the process. The testimonial must be accompanied by a set of before and after pictures that you are proud of.

Who can I invite???

Friends, family, co-workers and neighbors:

  • Have a nagging injury - our new corrective exercise coaching options may be awesome for them. (a coaching consult may be best before attending a friday class)

  • Burned out at work - let’s give them an hour to destress and pour some positive energy their way.

  • On and off the diet roller coaster - our new habit-based nutrition and movement coaching package is set to launch later this year!

  • Just want something new - you know we got that one down.

  • Work from home or their car - physical social connection is a major part of what we do best.

  • Brand new to town - We love helping people make positive connections.

  • You want to see them more - we all have friends like that.

  • Think you’re nuts - You probably are a little bit and that’s why we love you!

What to say????

“I’d love to introduce you to my coach. They’ve helped me (insert what your coach helped with) and I think they can help you too.”

“Let’s sweat out all this week’s frustrations before the weekend starts. Would you like to be my guest on Friday?”

“I think you’d love to meet some of the friends I’ve made at Hyperformance, would you like to meet them too?”

Please DON’T SAY - My Crossfit gym is holding free classes on Friday.

(Yes - we are still a Crossfit affiliate because we believe in constantly varied, functional movement. We also believe it should be delivered in the right doses at the right time to the right people. We offer so much more coaching than the W.O.D. Unfortunately, in Savannah, Crossfit can be a dirty word. Please invite people to Hyperformance Athletics instead.)

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