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Community Updates - July 22nd, 2019

Drew's Words of Wisdom:

RTLO - Rise To Lift Others

It's no secret, making it though sometimes takes a village. Sometimes it's a just little tribe, and sometimes it's a big 'ol city, but we've all been there. At some point we all need a hand, or a word, or nudge to get us on a better course.

So who's in your village? Do you have people around you can call in the middle of the night? That would drop anything if needed? That can tell you the truth, even if it's uncomfortable. At HPA we get a lot of athletes that brand new to town, and we get to be their first village. The first people they meet. And a place to plug in. Thanks for being there, and rising to lift each other up!

#ShareTheSweat - Referral Challenge Week 4

The top 3 point earners each week will earn some awesome prizes and the grand prize winner with the most points at the end of the challenge will win a $500 Rogue Gift Card.

Congrats to week 3 winners!

First Place TIE - HPA Beach Towel and $50 Lucky's Gift Card - Jourdan Hartnett and Feliz A!

Third Place - Buff Beans Coffee and HPA beach towel - Natalie B.

This week's social media post is extra cool. You can earn 3 bonus points by using the hashtags #ShareTheSweat and #MoreThanAGym along with your response to the question:

What makes your coach special? (nevermind the points - we just want to love on our team)

Remember- your guests are welcome to come back for any Friday class through Aug. 2nd and you can earn more points if anyone you refer completes a complimentary consultation with that special coach. You can earn 10 points by providing either a written or video testimonial along with before and after pics. Here are some pointers.

Brand new? You can can still get in on the challenge. click here for all the details.


This week we honoring a few good men. It's all heros all week long. And all partner WODs all week long. Here's a peek:

Monday - Abbate.

Tuesday - Wilmot and Nick mashup

Wednesday - TK

Thursday - Marco and Hall mashup

Friday - Hamilton

Saturday - Alexander

ProShop Item of the Month

BCAAs are back in stock! And are perfect for helping provide muscle recovery and stimulate growth. BONUS! In July they are also $5 off, so stock up.

Also O2 drinks and a new flavor fitaid, Thrive (my favorite yet) are there for you to snag after your next workout.

Men's Tanks are also here! (ladies we think you might like them too). There are only a limited few extras over the original pre-order.

Fluffy Knuckles Meet - August 10th

Lifting Barbells and Lifting Others is what's up. AND the event is growing to include athletes from some other local gyms. So make sure to register to participate or volunteer.

Join us for the 2nd Annual Fluffy Knuckles lift-off to honor Mike McFadden and support his family.

It's only $25 and proceeds go directly to the McFadden family.

During the event you'll rotate through 3 stations, working up to a 1RM back squat, 1RM clean, and 1 RM MAC press. Just as we're completing our strength cycle no less (we will not be testing 1 RMs on these lifts in class) Whether you're a lightweight, heavyweight, Old school or New School, and danc'n fool it's gonna be a great time to be together.

Wanna lift? Advance Registration Required here: proceeds benefit the McFadden family.

Wanna volunteer? We know your hearts are big and your hands are strong so follow the link below to volunteer for the 2nd Annual Fluffy Knuckles Lifting Meet. We will need help with set up, judging, registration and break down. Please leave a comment if you have a time restriction or want a specific job. #fortheMACpress

Wanna cheer or donate? Just show up! Please be advised that there will be a lot of people - dogs and small kids not recommended.


Welcome to the fitfam Meghan V! Welcome back Tara!

Happy Birthday!

Susan R. (7/25)

Caroline L (7/26)

Harrison H (7/28)

Bailey B (7/29)

Robbie M (7/29)


Fridays July 5th - Aug 2nd - Bring a friend to class. Friends must bring invite card.

August 10th - Fluffy Knuckles Meet 8am - 12 noon, NO CLASSES THIS DAY

August 24th - Bragging Rights at Crossfit Steadfast


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)

HPA Team

Thank you to our official 2019 sponsors!

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