Community Updates - July 29th, 2019

July 29, 2019

Your weekly run down on all the events and happenings in the Hyperformance Community...

There will be no classes or Open Gym this Saturday August 10th due to the Fluffy Knuckles event.  Come lift or cheer!


But there are still plenty of spots left for you to come get your lift on and a need for many more volunteers


Drew's Words of Wisdom:

All or nothing  vs   All-in


All or nothing - starts off hot, often ignoring everything else except for what it is that's all or nothing

All-in - starts off by looking at everything else to ensure you have the time and resources needed 


All or nothing - usually requires an outside motivation or big kick in the butt to get going (think January 1st, or having heart attack)

All-in - motivated by bigger intrinsic factors (purpose and commitment)


All or nothing - quits at the first sign of struggle

All-in - knew there was going to be a struggle at some point and had already decided to stick it out regardless


All or nothing - gives up after the first mistake.

All - in - uses the same mistake to learn for next time, stays in game and gets better with time.


Are you all or nothing or ALL IN?


Latest Podcasts:  

The Iron Triangle

Climb Out One Inch At A Time



#ShareTheSweat - Referral Challenge 

$500 Rogue Gift Card will be given away this Saturday at Fluffy Knuckles!  Thank you to everyone who participated. 


Congrats to week 5 winners!

First Place - Sean O

Second place - Cori S

Third Place - Brooke S




Bragging Rights 2019  - Affiliate throwdown

August 24th, 3-7pm Crossfit Steadfast


Your coaches guide you through WODs, are there for your failed attempts and eventual PRs. Now it is time for you to show up big for them!

Come out and show how much you appreciate your coaches and their support for you by cheering them on through a few brutal workouts! Bragging Rights is a fun way for your coaches to go head-to-head with other coaches in the area. That’s not all though! There will also be prizes for Most Team Spirit and mini-challenges throughout the competition where athletes from each gym will have chances to contribute to their boxes total score!


Make sure to wear blue!






ProShop Item of the Month - August


This month, it's all about recovery.  A faster recovery time means less down time between workouts.   In addition to good quality sleep and real food, SFH Recover gives you a boost after an intense workout.  RECOVER is more than just a post-workout protein shake, it includes targeted supplementation to improve recovery time, and support joint health. RECOVER helps shorten recovery between exercise periods.


In August you can give Recover a try for $5 off!


 Workouts This Week:



Monday: Strength Bulgarian split squat 

Tuesday: Single-arm shoulder press 3x8 >>S.A plank
Wednesday: S.L. DB Deadlift
Thursday: Single-arm MacPress
Friday: Front Rack. Single Leg Lateral Step ups



Monday:   BulletProof 1

3 rounds not for time

Clean Grip Snatch x 6
Archer Pulls x 3 each
Farmer's Carry R with
DB Press L then switch 50 ft
every mat press x 2
SL Good Morning x 6 each


3 rounds
Box Jumps to Single Leg Land
x 3 each leg 
Wall sit with SL March x :30
Lunge Hover Pallof Press x 6 each side

Tuesday : Partner Workout
*one person at a time

75 KBS
75 TTB
75 WB
75 STO (Heavy)
75 Row Cals
75 Box Jump Overs 

Wednesday: "Billy's Goat"
100 Burpees
EMOM 5 OHS (95/65)
Level 3 135/953RFT



400m Run
21 sit ups (WT or GHD)
12 pullups


Friday: BulletProof 2


3 rounds

Active feet thrusters (ECC) x 6
MB Hip Twists (ECC) x 6 each
SA KB Swing transitions
switch hands, around the world,
kb air taps x 1 min of play

Rev Snatch (ECC) x 6
KB/DB Front rack carry w/ 
resisted walk x 100ft
Single Arm Rope Pulls
x 3 each arm

Saturday: Fluffy Knuckles








Welcome to the fitfam Ashley, Kasie, and Octavius!


Happy Birthday! 

Meagan B (8/6)

Janet C (8/9)

Mike 3-4-3 (8/9)

Kayla M (8/10)

Jessica M (8/10)

Gadiel R (8/10)

Jarrod D (8/11)

Sarah W(8/11)







August 10th - Fluffy Knuckles Meet 8am - 12 noon, NO CLASSES THIS DAY

August 24th - Bragging Rights at Crossfit Steadfast

September 7th - First Saturday Friend Fest, 9am

September 28th - Athlete Appreciation Party! 

October 11th - Friday Night Lights Kickoff





(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


HPA Team



Thank you to our official 2019 sponsors!






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