Community Updates: DORIAN EDITION

September 2, 2019

Like we hope Dorian will be....short and sweet...


Here's the Lowdown:

- We will run two classes on Tuesday for those of you staying here, 6:15am and 9:00am

- The gym will close after the 9am class and remain closed until it is safe to do so. 


We learned a few things from the last few hurricanes:



People eat a lot crap and drink like fish because they bored.  We've seen people return sick, in pain, sluggish, and just feeling crappy.  This may an inconvenient twist in our week, put don't treat it like an impromptu vacation from all the smart choices you CAN make. 

  • Now is a good time to load up on fruit, veggies like carrots and celery, peanut butter, nuts and seeds, etc.  

  • Drink a glass of water if you feel the urge to snack.  You're probably NOT hungry, you're probably bored.

  • There is no "bad" or "good" food - it's all on a continuum.  Try to make the best choices you can for the circumstances you are in.  


  • Here's a link to our Crush It At Home Guide with a ton of ideas you can do as a body weight workout at home.  

  • Want more?  Here's a whole slew of options:  Body Weight Workouts

  • We also love the at home workouts and yoga follow alongs from the folks at is great too.

  • Additionally, each day we will post a bodyweight workout of the day.  If you do this or either, snap a pic or video, post on the HPA social club, and challenge a buddy to virtually join you.  

  • Have equipment at home and want to host a hurricane workout?  Post it up in the social club. 


  • If you need ANYTHING.  Try to ask in HPA social club.  We've got alumni all over the southeast.  People with power if you need a hot shower or to wash clothes.  And a handful of men with chainsaws.  Post it up there. 

  • Gym reopening - stay tuned to facebook. 


We got a few new podcasts episodes to listen to:






Happy Birthday! 

Monday 9/2 - David V.

Friday 9/6 - Drew M. and Erin W. 






September 7th - First Saturday Friend Fest, 9am  (stay tuned for updates)

September 28th - Athlete Appreciation Party! 

October 11th - Friday Night Lights Kickoff





(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


HPA Team



Thank you to our official 2019 sponsors!






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