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We've been coaching online for years and have the tools to help you be successful right where you are.  

You can begin changing your life today.   

The first step is to meet your Coach!  Every HPA client has a one.  Your coach is more than just the person who runs your class.   You and your coach will meet regularly to on-board you safely, customize programming, find solutions, and hold you accountable.  

To get started, schedule a face to face zoom consultation with one of the coaches below.  They will guide you to the best next steps, which may be a program with us or maybe not.   Either way we're here to support you on your fitness journey. 

All of our coaches have multiple certifications, degrees, and years of experience.  We suggest you begin with a coach whose availability is similar to your ideal workout time.   



Tracy knows how to get the best out of each clients of all ages and levels. 

Day time availability



James is skilled in teaching lifting techniques and movement efficiency. 

Evening Availability



Drew is the go-to for Nutrition Coaching and increasing sports performance. 

Morning availability



Tana's expertise helps clients get out of pain and back to doing what they love. 

Day time availability

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